When Aaron saw this, he built an altar in front of the calf and announced, "Tomorrow there will be a festival TO Yahweh God .  So the next day the people rose early and sacrificed burnt offerings and presented fellowship offerings. Afterward they SAT DOWN TO EAT & DRINK AND GOT UP TO INDULGE IN REVELRY . " Exodus 32: 5-6 

Pls note that Yahweh God was extremely displeased with this festival even though the Israelites dedicated it  TO Him.  What Aaron and Israel had done was irrefutably called IDOLATRY and obviously N.T. believers are not to pattern their belief and practice after such errors. Yet is this not exactly what is done at Christmas-time: using pagan ideas and customs to honor Yahweh God?

Christmas makes a mockery of Christianity in a way so subtle that it even blinds the minds of many sincere  Christian leaders. If one were to  honestly trace the origins &  practices of christmas,  it can be  seen that it is truly a work of our Adversary foisted on an unsuspecting and  gullible christian world. How was this done ?

Ways of Men 
In the Roman world, the  winter month of December  was filled with celebrations to  honour  pagan gods and festivals . These  pagan feasts took place during the dark period of the winter solstice . During this time the days were shorter, until it seemed as though the earth was dying. With the return of the sun at the end of Dec  resulting in longer days, the Romans celebrated the "Feast of the Sol Invictus" (Unconquerable Sun") . During this period, the Roman Saturnalia - a week long period of lawlessness was also celebrated between Dec 17 and ended on Dec 25.  Roman courts were closed, and Roman law dictated that no one could be punished for damaging property or injuring people during the week long celebration of Saturnalia.   The ancient Greek writer, poet and historian Lucian (in his dialogue entitled Saturnalia) describes the festival’s observance in his time :  "In addition to human sacrifice, he mentions these customs: widespread intoxication, sexual licentiousness,  going from house to house while singing naked etc".  During this period, the  Catholic Church established by the Roman Emperor Constantine was the dominant faith and it was eager to convert the pagan Romans . However,  they found it hard to convince the pagan converts to stop celebrating their pagan customs. 

To appease these pagans, the  church under Emperor Constantine, decided to allow the pagans who converted to  continue their celebration of  Saturnalia . The problem was that there was nothing intrinsically Christian about Saturnalia. To remedy this, the church  leaders named Saturnalia’s concluding day, December 25th, to be  the birthday of the ‘Son of God’ even though Yeshua ( Jesus ) was not born on that day. In  354 Ad,  Bishop Liberius of Rome ordered  all converts to the  faith to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Dec 25 . Liberius managed to get away with this since no one knew the exact date that Yahshua (Jesus )  was born.  However, although the converts  began to celebrate  the birth of Jesus on Dec 25  they continued to celebrate it the way it had always been.  As a result, the earliest christmas holidays were celebrated by drinking, sexual indulgence, singing naked in the streets (a precursor of modern caroling), etc. Today, this supposedly Christian festival is celebrated throughout the whole world by christians including Singapore in the same way during the Roman era, by drinking, eating, gift giving and merry making .

The ethical importance of Jesus's death, Why His Death& not His Birth ?ant Significance of Yeshua's Death Importance , Why His death is Importof the death of Jesus
The Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity the state religion enforcing "Christian" faith by earthly methods instead of Biblical ones. 

During the  Counsel of Nicea in (325AD ) which was a gathering of Bishops from all around the region called to dialogue on a number of issues  by the Roman Emperor Constantine, the  church fixed the dates of holy days by the secular / pagan calendar rather than the Jewish calendar.   Celebration of Yahshua's ( Jesus ) death  became Good Friday instead of Passover and His Resurrection became Easter ( The feast of the pagan deity Ishtar) instead of First Fruits.  Dec 25th became the celebration of the  birth of Jesus. This detached the events in Yehsuah's (Jesus )  ministry from their prophetic Jewish context, depriving us of much deep insight into  Yahweh God  and His designs. Martin Luther & the Protestant movement threw out much of the man made traditions in the church which became doctrine but sadly one of those that escaped was the celebration of pagan Saturnalia only in another name - christmas .   

Ways of Yahweh God
Yahweh did NOT institute this festival  simply because this is not one of His Ways. ( Isaiah 55:8 )The very popularity of christmas should cause the Christian to question it. Anyone and everyone can celebrate Christmas without question, but if, in reality, December 25th were a date set by Yahweh God to remember the birth of Yeshua, there is no doubt that the world would have NOTHING  to do with it.  The world loves christmas, but hates the Lord Yahshua  (John 15:18, 23-25). It shuns anything pertaining to a true form of Christianity  . Shouldn't the Christian be just a little suspicious of a celebration in which the whole sinful world can join in without qualms? 

Ignorance & commercialism  not Jesus ( Yeshua)  is the reason for this season. Christians may argue that they celebrate christmas the 'right way' or not as the world does by attending church services, singing carols, meeting up with families, or using this festival to reach out to unbelievers.. However, the issue here is not about how we observe it, but rather, is there  a Biblical warrant for  it?  Is the "spirit" that inspires us to celebrate this feast the  Spirit of God?  

"Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God "-1 John 4:4.  Did Yeshua ( Jesus) initiate this festival where businesses &  merchants are the main beneficiaries?  .

Unholy Communion
Churches in Singapore today increasingly yoke themselves with merchants and secular associations ostensibly to share with others the 'true spirit' of christmas. The necessity for this alliance is quite puzzling.  No doubt this is done with sincere intentions, however, this so called 'spirit' of christmas  causes many to behave in a manner that is totally out of harmony with the Word of  Yahweh God ( ‎יהוה).  Many are  engaged in a mindless culture of spending, feasting and drinking. Merchants manufacture decor, figurines & symbols  which have no meaning for them, but for which both Christians and non Christians alike purchase and dump away after the festival.   Is the  God of the Bible behind this 'spirit' ? 

No doubt, not all associations with the unbelieving  world is wrong, but what we are dealing with here is a peculiar kind of partnership that has a compromising nature because the  thinking and motivation of the secular and the Christian world  are incompatible. Their goals and methods are not the same either. For the Christian to be joined  with secular organizations as equals pulling together in a common purpose is really a practical impossibility .There is a  growing cry today to 'put christ back into christmas'. It's commendable that some want to do that, but the truth is ,He was never there in the first place. The right cry should be to 'take Christ out of christmas'.   

Biblical Holidays
So then, are there any biblical festivals where christians can celebrate ? Yes,  Yahweh God ( ‎יהוה) has established  Biblical Feasts which we are to celebrate & commemorate t . Most Christians are not aware of these feasts let alone observe it . An important thing to note is that these Feasts Of The Lord  are not requirements.The festivals are typologically meaningful, and we must recognize that they are optional — traditions that may be used in worship, as well as opportunities to witness to others, but not as requirements for salvation. 

There is a rich treasure house for us all to partake of in these Biblical holidays.  They are not just for the Jews only... no more than salvation is for the Jew only.   We enjoy a common heritage by faith as children of Abraham, not genetically, but definitely spiritually.  In this regard, we feel that celebrating these holidays are more "Christian" than celebrating the ones that the world has already blurred the definition of. The FEASTS of Yahweh God have no such blurred distinction. They are HIS feasts, they are HIS holidays, and they are for us to commemorate and celebrate HIM. It is to our detriment when we ignore that which God has established to keep His gospel in our hearts and minds.We recommend all Believers to  acquaint themselves with these Biblical feasts.  

Dear Christian, this site  is meant to make you think  about  your reasons for observing christmas. Just because the masses observe it, doesnt make it right.  This is a logical fallacy called argumentum ad numerum or appeal to common belief. This belief asserts that the more people who support or believe a proposition, the more likely it is that that proposition should be true. However, just as something true does not become untrue if no one believes in it, something that is not true will not become true if many  believed in it. Truth cannot be attained through the consensus of the majority. The Earth was never flat even if the whole world believed so.  

We hope that the resources available  here in the form of  articles, videos and books and the  final authority of scripture will resonate  into your life. You may want to begin your journey by watching this video by Pastor Wagner which has garnered 134,000 views: